Foam presents us until March 11 the fashion show

Viernes, 10 de Enero del 2020

Foam I Exhibition


What is fashionable and what does it convey about ourselves? How do we dress? How do we use fashion to show who we are, who we think we are or who we want to be?

Adorned exhibition - The Fashionable Show presents a series of photographic projects related to fashion created by a new generation of visual artists. Everyone works with fashion, but most of them are not direct fashion photographers. For them, fashion and style are primarily tools to build or question identities, empowering people and play with cultures, genders, races and ages.

While some participating artists have already been discovered by well-established fashion brands, others continue to work from their own communities.


Mohamad Abdouni (Lebanon), Arielle Bobb-Willis (USA), Giovanni Corabi and Roberto Ortu (Italy), Justin Dingwall (South Africa), Julia Falkner and Lorena Hydeman (Austria and United Kingdom), Casper Kofi (Netherlands) , Alexandra Leese (United Kingdom and Hong Kong), Tyler Mitchell (United States), Hadar Pitchon (United States), Mateus Porto (United States), The Sartists (South Africa), Catherine Servel (United States), Suzie and Leo (France ), Ambroise Tézenas & Frédéric Delangle (France).


The exhibition is inspired by the number 53 of the Adornado foam magazine: the fashion theme. For Foam magazine, he invited three of the most avant-garde fashion magazines, Buffalo Zine, Beauty Papers (installation of Casper Sejersen and Gary Gill) and King Kong. The exhibition is possible thanks to Fonds 21 and Kleurgamma Fine-Art Photolab. Foam is supported by BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, the city of Amsterdam, Foam Members, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.


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